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Accessory Bars

Matching ACCESSORY or PROFILE TRIMS. Division bars (1 part or 2 part), internal or external corners, internal or external angles (25mm | 38mm | 50mm) or edge bars (J trim). Available in 8ft or 10ft lengths.

A “PREMIUM”, quality, cost efficient, high performance wall cladding system which you can rely on by ROCHLING TROVIDOR the LEADING brand on the market. Superb Quality FOOD GRADE PVC with a 20 year guarantee. We have teamed up with Rochling exclusively to offer a HIGH QUALITY | PREMIUM | FOOD GRADE Hygienic Cladding Sheet at LOW LOW prices!!

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  • Hygienic Cladding CAPPING/EDGE BAR

    £5.25£6.25 +vat
  • Hygienic Cladding EXTERNAL ANGLES

    £5.25£8.00 +vat
  • Hygienic Cladding INTERNAL ANGLES

    £5.25£8.00 +vat
  • Hygienic Cladding SMALL INTERNAL CORNER

    £5.25£6.25 +vat
  • WHITE hygienic cladding DIVISION bar(1PART)

    £4.95£5.95 +vat
  • WHITE hygienic cladding DIVISION bar(2PART)

    £6.95£7.95 +vat
  • WHITE hygienic cladding SMALL EXTERNAL CORNER

    £4.95£5.95 +vat